Founded in 2012 by Ash & Preston; Brighton, UK.

Inspired by the influx of independent brands, emerging from young, home-based creatives. The two friends fell in love with the opportunity to make money and have fun while studying at University, Paperboy streetwear was born.

What started off as a small adventure, soon became a legitimate business. Days at lectures and evenings spent working on the brand soon flipped, the impact was overwhelming. 6 months into finals they were out looking for a new house to accommodate an office - The Paperboy Factory.

Evolving through a series of catalogues, Paperboy rose to become a contemporary street brand. Gaining valuable experience & networks along the way. Ash & Preston knew it was time to take the next big leap; to create an iconic and timeless brand bridging contemporary street with high end fashion. Paperboy officially rebranded as “Paperboy Worldwide” and the two brothers got to work.

What you now see is the manifestation of their vision. The vision that was drawn up in 2012 in Ash's University dorm room - Welcome to the Synergy Collection.